Blockchain powers energy grid trading

Blockchain technology has pushed into a new area — peer to peer energy transactions. Using blockchain technology, residents can buy and sell renewable and nonrenewable energy sources through a microgrid.


How to improve bitcoin's PR

With hackers stealing from exchanges and criminals demanding bitcoin ransoms, it's obvious that bitcoin has a bit of a PR problem. But it doesn't have to be this way.

The power of fintech

The proliferation of fintech solutions presents a remarkable opportunity for small and midsize financial institutions not only to compete on a level playing field with the big banks but also to leverage their exceedingly hard-to-compete-with strengths to win new customers.

Virtual Currency Today Top 5: April edition

This April, topics ranging from blockchain basics to bitcoin trends made top headlines. Let's take a look back at the top five stories of April 2016.

Top 5 virtual currency stories of 2016 so far

So far in 2016, we have seen a variety of stories on smart contracts, bitcoin crime and prices. It's time to take a look back at the top five most-read blogs and articles for 2016 so far.

Blockchain 101

Two weeks ago, we tackled the basics of bitcoin. Now it's time to explore the basics of the blockchain — and its future.

Can the blockchain fight criminal activity?

It's no secret that bitcoin is a go-to tool for criminals and hackers. Can the blockchain be used to fight these criminals? We spoke with Feedzai CTO Paulo Marques to get his take on how the blockchain can be used to analyze criminal behavior.

Bitcoin for beginners 101

Bitcoin can be a challenge for first timers. Thankfully it can be less intimidating if they keep the facts of wallets, security and the blockchain in mind.

What can save the bitcoin network?

The bitcoin network has slowed down significantly, with some transactions taking hours to be confirmed. However, the cause and solution to this serious problem are both up for debate.

Blockchain powers smart contracts

The blockchain is expanding beyond bitcoin into many new possibilities in the world of fintech. In particular, the blockchain is pushing into the world of smart contracts.

Bitcoin investment 101

Some lucky investors who bought bitcoins for a few cents are now millionaires whereas others are dealing with bankruptcy. Bitcoin investment can be rewarding but it is not for the faint of heart.

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Virtual Currency 101 for Nonprofits

The rapid growth in bitcoin users means that nonprofits targeting millennials and other tech-savvy consumers should give serious consideration to accepting the virtual currency.

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Bitcoin ATMs 101

Bitcoin ATMs and vending kiosks provide an efficient and secure way for people to buy and sell bitcoins without having to use bitcoin exchanges, which face threats such as hacking and fraud.

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Virtual Currency: The Next Disruptor in Payments

Virtual currency, such as Bitcoin, is the next disruptor in payments. Adoption is on the rise and consumers want places to spend their bitcoin.

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Infographic: Virtual Currencies: The Future of Payments?

Virtual currencies are software-based online payment systems whose units can be transferred between digital wallets without the need for a middleman such as a financial institution.

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Virtual Currency 101 for Restaurants

The basics of virtual currency and what restaurateurs need to know to accept virtual-currency payments.

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Virtual Currency 101 for Retailers

The basics of virtual currency and what retailers need to know to accept virtual-currency payments.

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